Contract Negotiation Corporation specializes in optimizing technology contracts and agreements for software, hardware, maintenance and support, disaster recovery, consulting, and outsourcing.

We have the comprehensive market intelligence and negotiation experience to challenge the highly-skilled, well-trained sales teams determined to keep the advantage on their side. CNC doesn’t receive payment from vendors. We are the customer’s advocate. We include the vendor as a partner and match their offerings to
our clients’ business needs, achieving a win/win situation.

Discover through our no-cost assessment how your company’s technology proposals, contracts and agreements rate in areas of pricing, compliance, terms and conditions, and more. Want us to negotiate?
Our risk-free contingency-based or fixed-fee engagements have saved companies millions of dollars—
on average, 20% beyond their “best and final” offer—resulting in

Financially effective customized solutions aligned with business requirements;
Flexibility to easily adapt to changing technologies;
Reduction in risks when your business requires modification;
Improved vendor relationships.

We offer other services such as business synchronization and technology roadmapping to maximize your potential for optimization. Prefer to conduct your own negotiations? We provide proprietary “On-Demand Market Intelligence” (OMI) to give clients the inside intelligence to help them succeed.

At CNC we focus “beyond the fine print” to get our clients lower costs, better terms, greater flexibility, and improved vendor relationships.
The high-level assessment is FREE and the first step in taking that closer look to find savings for you.

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